借富信貸有限公司成立於2015年,持有香港特區政府放債人牌照 (牌照號碼2022/2023),提供專業及多元化的信貸服務,解決客戶財務上的需要。

Jeff Credit provides multiply financial solutions including home loan / home equity loan as well as personal loan and debt consolidation. In case that you have special request on your loan application, feel free to talk to us as we will do our best to accommodate your financial request.

Supporting documents such as TU reports are no longer required. Jeff Credit welcomes all loan applicants regardless of their credit history.

Online Application:
Tel: +852 2638 3171
Whatsapp: +852 9563 6528

“忠告: 借錢梗要還,咪俾錢中介”

Jeff Credit Simple | Reliable

Jeff Credit provides a one stop shop of loan services, including home loan, home equity loan, personal loan, debt consolidation, as well as flexible installments, and extra credit limits. Our experience loan advisors are there to support and answer your enquiries.
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